What we are all about

Welcome to my blog, what are we all about you ask? That is a good question and I am glad that you asked. My main goal is to help the consumer make their best educated decision on who to call when they are looking for adult entertainment. The reason I put this blog together is that I have had a few bad experiences while hiring entertainers for bachelor parties and I have also had many excellent experiences. I am hoping to save you some time and headaches by letting you know which adult entertainment agencies are the best to work with. What criteria am I looking for?

  1. Price
  2. Selection
  3. On Time
  4. End Result

I am only going to discuss agencies that I have experienced positive results based on these four items. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are able to throw together a memorable occasion for your next party!

Stockton Strippers

Stockton Strippers.org was highly recommended to me from a local friend and we were happy that we took his advice. Our dancers showed up on time, were beautiful, had extremely sexy costumes, danced their asses off and showed us the night of our lives. I can’t recommend them enough for your party if you live in the Stockton San Joaquin County Area.

Stockton Strippers from Stockton Strippers on Vimeo.

Chico Strippers

Chico Strippers.org is Voted the #1 Striptease Entertainment Agency in Butte County California. 

It makes a lot of sense to go with the largest, most established and professional agency in town when hiring dancers for your next event. That is what we did and were treated to a fantastic party as a result. Check out their Male Dancers portfolio and their Female Dancers portfolio for yourselves.

Our evening was packed with entertainment from this Chico Agency and our dancers were professional as well as heartstopping.

Sacramento Strippers

Sacramento Strippers

If you are like I am, you enjoy the sunshine and all that comes with it. especially if you are experiencing it in the northern California weather. The first thing that come to mind is beach bodies, and I will tell you there is no shortage of beach bodies at this agency Sacramento Strippers, just take a look at there Female Strippers page and their Male Strippers page to see just what I am talking about, you wont be disappointed.

Banner Girls

From Asians to Black girls, White hotties to Latina’s they have it all, take a trip around the world in one night with their talented dancers showing you the way. It doesn’t get any better than Sacramento Strippers.

What I feel makes them one of the top agencies in northern California is their commitment to excellence. They don’t just like to send send dancers over to shake that ass at you, they start off by providing you with a large selection of talent to choose from, male and female. With that, you get to really hone in on your exact taste of sexy and bring it home for some sexy dancing and party games. That brings me to another definition of what makes this agency excellent. They do their best to get the talent to your door as scheduled. There is no way to make sure no kind of act of god wont happen like traffic jams or the sort, but if there is, their dancers will call ahead and let you know the situation. Other then that, they show up on time and provide one hell of a show.

From party costumes, to party games, these dancers really know how to keep you and your guest’s entertained (which is what its all about). Each dancer you hire brings their own music too.

If you are in northern California and enjoy having sexy talented dancers entertaining you, then you need to get a hold of Sacramento Strippers dot net. You wont be disappointed.

West Coast Centerfolds

West Coast Centerfolds

URL: http://westcoastcenterfolds.com/

West Coast Centerfolds claims to be voted the #1 Striptease entertainment agency in California. That is a pretty bold statement to make but I can tell you from my experience having used them several times recently that I would definitely have to agree on that statement. My experiences have been positive ones and that’s important for me as I only review good agencies.

Their service area is pretty large including Northern California and Nevada. Take a look at their Male Dancers & Female Dancers and you will begin to see what I’m talking about. Their local news even had some coverage of their business which is a statement to their professionalism and strong work ethic.

Their entertainers have super sexy striptease costumes and play alluring Party Games. They know how to get the party started and keep it going into the night. With such a large service area they are still able to get their dancers out to the parties on time, I’ve read all of their reviews online and they are all positive which means they really do strive for excellence.

West Coast Centerfolds was hired for the last bachelor party I attended and the part was fantastic.

We had 3 dancers and the entertainment was as sexy as it gets.

These girls had amazing costumes, each had their own music and their dancing was flawless. It was one of those parties where you hoped it wouldn’t end, and when it did end you were thinking to yourself “fuck that went to fast”.

The prices that this agency have are right on par with the other agencies, the difference that sets them apart is their dancers talent, their punctuality and the entertainment which speaks for itself.

If you live or travel to northern California you need to give West Coast Centerfolds a call if you want your next party to be a hit.


Best Agency in San Francisco

San Francisco Strippers

Bay Area’s #1 Choice For “Exotic Entertainment”

Featuring the Best San Francisco Male and Female Dancers.


I had the opportunity to throw together a party in San Francisco for my friend who just returned from a tour of duty in the service. I am telling you this agency has some sexy strippers. Don’t take my word for it, check out these sexy female strippers and these sexy male strippers.

What I was happy about is that we basically threw this party together last minute and this agency called San Francisco Strippers was able to show up at our hotel, on time, and blow us away.

We had a great time, we ordered a 3 girl show and they had all of these fun party games that were really fun if you know what I mean. The music was great, each girl brought their own costumes and music and it gave the show a really great variety. My friend that I threw the party for was really happy to be back home and even happier that we threw such a great party for him. Its the kind of thing you do for a good friend especially one who just got home from protecting our freedoms and country.

I did my research (as I always do) and the prices that San Francisco Strippers gave us were the best in town. I mean, I didn’t even have to try to get a military discount their prices were just that good. Don’t settle for a higher priced agency whos dancers aren’t even as good.

GO for the best, you owe it to yourself.

So next time you are in San Francisco or maybe you just live there, call this agency and Im sure your party will be just as big of a success as mine was.

Sacramento’s Best Strippers

While hosting a bachelor party for my brother recently we were in Sacramento (as this is where he lives) and I found Sacramento’s Best Strippers. The agency is called All American Centerfolds and their Sexy Male Strippers & Sexy Female Strippers are simply the best in Northern California.

  1. What I liked the best was the selection of talent. I had plenty of exotic dancers to choose from and the dancers I chose were the ones that showed up for our party. This was important as it was my little brothers bachelor party after all and I wanted everything to be perfect for him.
  2. They showed up right on time and;
  3. The prices were great, they actually beat out most of the competition with their prices which helped us to have even more fun during the party.

What a wild night we had, it was a blast, I wont go into too many specifics but I will say that my brothers smile didn’t go away for several weeks which is exactly what I was hoping for. In the end we had a great time and it didn’t break the bank.

These are the memories that we will look back on down the road and actually want to remember!

Here is a video I got from their website:

So remember, if you ever find yourself in the Sacramento area of Northern California you need to call All American Centerfolds for a super sexy selection of exotic dancers/strippers with the best prices in town. Not only will they show up on time with the talent you chose, but they will make sure your night is one to remember! Trust me, I’ve hired many agencies in the past and you cant say this about most of them. So what are you waiting for, check them out and find out for yourself.